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About Us

Let’s snap out of it. Wine doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously. Taste leads the way, not the price tag on the bottle.


At The Cult Wine Co., we believe enjoying wine should be fun. For us, wine is for loud potluck style dinners, endless catch-up conversations, poured for those long rambling toasts, with glasses that don’t need stems, all to make every occasion a celebration.


From our seasoned wine family rooted in Napa Valley, The Cult Wine Co. started as a pursuit to craft great wines at a great value. Napa Valley produces powerful fruit, but it’s not the only place that grows quality wine grapes. California’s Lodi region also benefits from a Mediterranean climate with warm days and cool evenings that develops rich flavors in the wine grapes. 


With The Cult Wine Co., all you need to know is what you like. This bold honesty is captivating and suddenly you want to be surrounded by those that see the world of wine as we do. 


Do you see what we see?

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